ENC 2018 Conference Kit

The following resources were created to help you plan an Every Nation Campus Conference in 2018. We want you and your team to be creative and put on an exciting conference, while at the same time presenting an accurate and consistent representation of our global movement. The guides below help set safe boundaries and simple expectations. The rest is up to you.


Conference Brief

A must-read for every ENC Conference planning team. This brief covers the basic expectations of an ENC Conference, helping to create clear goals, objectives, and key messages for the conference.


Conference Logo and
Location Logo Template

Create your own custom location logo using these conference logo files and templates. Just be sure to read the included Logo Style Guide so that you use the logo correctly.


Design Assets

Each region and conference can create their own promotional pieces following the guidelines in the Conference Brief and Logo Style Guide. Designs and assets for the North American conferences are available to be used as is, or modified and updated as desired.