Shame is a result of sin. We live in a fallen world full of people deeply desiring to free themselves from the shame of their sins. They either attempt to drown shame out through their works and achievements, or celebrate sin and pretend that shame is artificial. Despite their attempts, they don’t find relief. That’s because only the Gospel can truly and permanently remove our shame, by showing us the finished work of Jesus Christ and calling us to repentance from our sins.
It’s only then that a person—forgiven of sin and freed from shame—can live boldly. We become unashamed of our identity in Christ, unashamed to follow Jesus, unashamed of our calling, and unashamed to preach the Word of God.
What will the world look like if a generation of Christians rise up and boldly declare that we’re UNASHAMED of Jesus and His Gospel?
Join hundreds of students across the country as we come together to boldly declare that we’re unashamed of a God who loved us too much to be ashamed of us.

Locations & Dates


August 2–4